Asset management

asset management

Our fund name: AP Capital Absolute Return Fund
Year of establishment: 2014
Place of registration: Cayman Islands
Fund Category: Open-Ended Structured Fund
Fund Administrator: Custom House Global Fund Services Limited
Investment objectives: Focus on market neutrality, cost-saving, low-correlation portfolios and absolute returns
Bloomberg code: APCAREF KY Equity


Outstanding investment capability
AP Capital's investment business covers the global capital markets. We believe investment is an art work created collectively by excellent investment managers, analysts, researchers and programmers. We are proud of our outstanding performance achieved in the past when market structure, regulatory environment and technology kept evolving. We welcome all top industry talents in the industry for collaboration. 
Innovative technology 
In the fiercely-competing financial market, our leading technologies help us capture market changes swiftly. This is the key for us to offer the best price less costly amid market competition. We are dedicated to developing innovative technology platforms to support our mature leading investment and risk management systems. Our IT experts offer tremendous supports for the implementation of quantitative strategies, realizing trading ideas. 
Conservative investment philosophy 
We focus on the absolute returns of diversified investments. We seek risk avoidance in the process of investment more than delivering tremendous returns to investors. . We preserve conservativeness when building portfolios for investors by maintaining asset liquidity and restricting leverage ratio. We make monthly public regulatory reporting , enable investors to keep eyes on our performance and make informed decisions. 
Control investment risks effectively 
Risk and internal controls are the keys for us to deliver long-term superior returns and avoid heavy losses. We have strict and specific control mechanisms for managing pre-trade, trading and post-trade risks. Furthermore, we avoid legal risks by subjecting ourselves to the highest standards of compliance and corporate governance standards.