Digital currency

  • OTC transaction

    Provide real-time market data and OTC transactions with optimal price guarantee through a unique digital currency transaction relation network. For more details, please contact us at info@apcapitalinvestment.com

  • Digital currency consultancy

    Provide digital currency investment trend analysis services to institutional investors and qualified investors in view of their demands and attributes, leveraging multiple strategies and quantitative portfolios across different markets, digital currencies and time zones, to develop optimized investment strategies and directions.

  • Digital asset management

    Assist institutional investors and qualified investors with significant digital assets to mobilize their assets, control risks during digital market volatility, and increase market value.

Digital currency

“One-stop” digital currency transaction and investment management –-- real-time, transparent and optimal market price; the best strategy partner in the bear and bull markets.
There're high risks associated with cryptocurrencies trading and investor's capital may sustain substantial losses due to high price volatility. You should carefully consider your circumstances including but not limited to investment objectives, investment experience and risk tolerance before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies. I understand the abovementioned risks