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We offer competitive remuneration and bonus, and the opportunity to work with industry elites from investment banks and hedge funds in a harmonious and multi-culture working environment, with extensive coverage on multiple emerging markets. There are sufficient trading opportunities for different investment strategies implementation. We are also committed to have a streamlined management structure with less red-tape, and more room for learning and growth. We help you navigate in an attractive career development path to become a successful and independent trader, by playing out your potentials in realizing your profitable trading ideas.
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ETF Trader for US market

Job Responsibilities:
1. Look for opportunities in the US ETF markets.
2. Be part of the global ETF trading team that works together to assure the best execution and hedging around the clock.
3. Conduct or assist with other delta one trading strategies that are covered by US hours.
4. Trade dual class shares pairs and ADR arbitrage strategies.
1. Highly numerical, with good knowledge in statistics and probabilities.
2. Extensive experience in pricing and trading ETF and other related financial instruments is a must.
3. Ability to write codes and backtest own trading idea desired.
4. Experience in the US market is a plus.
5. Self-disciplined, highly motivated and proactive.
6. Degree holder from a renowned university.

Sales Trader

Job responsibilities:
- Responsible for facilitating transactions of equity derivative products between financial institutions such as banks and hedge funds
- Provide market insight to clients, establish and maintain strong business relationships
- Identify the development trends in the financial markets and explore new business opportunities
- Strong knowledge in equity derivatives and ETF with excellent sales and analytical skills
- At least 3 years working experience in a similar role preferred
- Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
- Excellent written and verbal communications skills
- Proactive, influencing, persuading and negotiating
- Degree holder from a renowned university.

Bond Futures Arbitrage trader

Job responsibility:
1. Conduct trading investments in business products such as treasury bonds futures and interest rate derivatives, implement trading and investment strategies, and undertake and complete corresponding business objectives
2. The production and statistics of the daily statements of the company's trading account, writing a transaction log
3. Conduct daily trading risk control and find special circumstances to make risk warnings
4. Fill in the trading order as required and keep the trading information in a safe place
1. Degree or above in economics, finance or management related majors
2. At least 3 years relevant work experience; solid theoretical knowledge of financial product design, financial market analysis, etc., with strong financial market analysis and judgment ability, market sensitivity
3. Familiar with relevant business product trading systems, understand the latest developments of the business, and be able to independently solve problems encountered in trading investments
4. Past transaction investment performance is outstanding, and risk control ability is strong
5. No major mistakes in the past trading work
6. Experience in large financial institutions are preferred, and those with relevant business products such as treasury bonds futures and interest rate derivatives are preferred.

Options Trader

· Actively trade across various products and markets including index options, equities options and A-H pairs
· On-screen ETF arbitrage, ETF creation/redemption arbitrage versus futures
· Introduce new trading ideas and assist to develop new trading models
· Trade index rebalances based on proprietary models
· Primary trader for inventory management/index arbitrage with major focus in China
· Optimize funding cost through strategic positioning of fx swaps, NDFs and interest rate swaps
· Degree in Finance, Math, Economics, or Computer Science preferred
· Relevant work experience in proprietary or hedge fund firm
· Can do attitude with ability to drive forward initiatives
· Proven track record of performance in equity/options trading
· Strong command of spoken and written English and Chinese 

Trading Algorithm Developer

The Trading Algorithm Developer is responsible for developing the trading algorithm and related infrastructure for the company. This role requires a high level of expertise in developing efficient, low-latency C++ code that is highly fault-tolerant to ensure the company’s business continues to operate. The role will also require constant dialogue with the business side.
· Close interaction with Traders to understand new requirements for the Algo itself and related infra.
· Enhancing the existing platform and developing new functionality, primarily in C++
· Take complete ownership of deliverables from inception to roll-out, working largely independently.
· Mentoring and/or managing more junior members of the team
· Continual improvement of the software development lifecycle and quality of the product
· Support of the production system
· 3+ years’ trading algorithm development experience in C++ language.
· Experience of implementing automated risk controls in trading algo.
· Experience of developing low-latency, high performance software in C++.
· Experience designing and developing distributed systems.

Head of Application Development

Trading Algorithm Developer

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